Monday, August 26, 2013

Is it really possible to crack a WiFi password?

There are literally tens of thousands of people struggling to crack a WiFi password right in this moment. But is there really a way? Is there a special method, or everyone who says they can hack a wireless connection is a liar? Let's find out!

What you need to know about wifi passwords
First of all, the difficulty of cracking a WiFi password depends on the network's encryption method. There are three well-known encrypting standards: WEP, WPA and WPA2. I won't go in-depth with the technical terms, but the fats is that WEP and WAP passwords are a lot more likely to get hacked rather than a WPA2 one.

How can I hack a wifi password?
Now, what about the actual password cracking method? Well, there isn't one, but that doesn't mean it's impossible to crack WiFi networks. No. In fact, it all depends on the case. If you know the network's owner (let's say he's a neighbor or something along those lines), then you can directly discuss with him and, if you can't convince him to give you the WiFI Password straight away, then maybe you can talk him into it or into giving you some clues. Believe me, it's not that complicated!

Where to find a working wifi hack
But let's move on to the actual WiFi password hacking. Since we live in 2013, there must be some kind of software to help us crack a wifi pass, right? Well, yes and no. To be honest, there are only a few people who actually own a working wifi password hack. Some of them are well-known software developers, some of them just knew where to look for it. I started looking for this kind of programs about a month ago and, well, I actually found a working version of the hack.
The WiFi Password Hack (updated 2013) I've found worked excellent with WPA and WEP encrypted passwords and cracks them in under a minute, but it does have some hiccups with WPA-2. However, it eventually handles WPA2 as well, after a few tries. For example, I was once in an airport, in desperate need to check my e-mail (important business stuff). The only WiFi networks I could find were WPA-2 password-protected, so I fired up the wifi hack on my smartphone (yes, it is compatible with Android too) and, voila! After only two tries it cracked a nearby network.

Are there other ways of cracking a pass?
But enough of that. Beside this automated hack, there are also other means by which you can crack a wireless password. A simple Google search reveals lots of methods, of which I really can't speak in this article because it would take me days.

Nevertheless, the existence of a WiFi password hacking program is no longer a myth. It has become a fact.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

[UPDATE] Topline partially showing ads again for International users

It seems like Topline now shows 1-2 ad banners again for non-US users. Even if it's not much, you can still earn about 10-20% of what you used to earn before, if you like outside the USA.

It's not much, but it's definitely a step forward. Hopefully, the full set of ads will be up again for all of us in the next few weeks/months. Stay tuned for updates.

If you're new to Topline, the registration link is down here:

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Topline increases the point value but neglects non-USA users

If you don't know what Topline is, you can check out my guide here.

It seems like, a couple of days ago, the point value rised from $0.75/1000 ads to $1.00/1000 ads. However, people from outside the USA (including Canada and Australia) are no longer shown ads through Topline, therefore they can't earn anymore.

Here is the semi-official response to my email:

Thanks for contacting TopLine support.
Unfortunately, our current advertisers are seeking U.S. traffic only. This means that for the time being, we can only award TopLine points to U.S. users. We are, however, actively seeking advertisers in other parts of the world. Your region will regain the opportunity to gain points once advertising is available for that region.
We apologize for the inconvenience.

TopLine Team

TopLine Support
Please take a minute to help make TopLine even better!

This is sad news for some people. Many of them are complaining of how close they were to cash out. However, if you're from the USA, you have nothing to worry about - on the opposite!

Monday, September 10, 2012

i-Gagnant LaBarre - The floating adbar (Passive earner)

i-Gagnant is a relatively new passive earner program. You can read below what it is, what it does, how much you can earn with it and everything else you need to know before registering.

What you have to do - Upon registration, you just have to install their adbar. After that, you just login and you're good to go.

How it works - The adbar you just installed floats on your desktop. You can drag it wherever you want ot just put it in a corner and forget about it. It is not a huge, pixelated bar, so you won't notice it at all most of the time. What is more, if you watch movies or play games it doesn't even show up anymore, even if you're still earning money from it, which is great. It has a refresh rate of 15 seconds. After that, the advertisement banner will change and so on.

Pay rate - For every displayed advertisement you receive a certain amount of points, depending on your account status. There 6 types of accounts right now: non-VIP and VIP 1 to VIP 5. The higher your VIP level is, the more you will earn from each advertisement. Right from the beginning, you're given a VIP1 status, which is pretty nice, because you earn 1.25 points from each ad. The payrate at this moment is of about 1 euro (not dollar) for every 11.000 points. It may not sound as very much, but given that you don't do anything I think that it is worth the time.

Payout - The minimum payout is 15 euros for virtual accounts (Paypal and Hipay) and 20 euros for physical checks (for France only). Here is the officialforum thread for payment proofs.

Referral system - The referral system is great for a passive earner. You earn 20% of your level 1 (direct) referrals' earnings and 5% from your level 2 referrals. This includes points from ads, clicks, lottery and bonuses, without any restrictions.

What's more, if you don't have enough time to seek referrals or just want to take some chances, you can participate in the referral lottery. The concept is pretty straight-forward - you buy tickets; each ticket is another chance. Please note that they are not referred to you for a certain amount of time - you get them for life, if you win of course.

Games and bonuses - There are lots of games available from which you may earn bonus points. Firstly, there's the bonus banner - whenever you see it, click it ASAP. You can earn from 5 to hundreds of points depending on your VIP status. Secondly, there are free games you can play every day, including 5-card poker. Thirdly, there are many contests you can take part in if youinvest in I-Passes (the other currency). Obviously, you can earn much more from those contests, compared to ther free games.

Note: You DON'T have to click on ads in order to earn from them. The only time you may want to click on ads is when the bonus banner is shown.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Free referral pools

I've recently found two ways to get referrals only by submitting your nicknames/IDs:

Datsoup - You just have to sign up. Here's the full list of referral ID's they accept:

If you want to submit your referral link from a program that isn't on the list, you just have to go to Profile and click on "Create referral pool".

Refer-o-matic - Same thing as Datsoup. You submit your referral ID's and wait for the referrals to come. Don't expect to receive hundreds of thousands, but people will sign under you once in a while, which is fair enough given the fact that you don't do anything. Here's their accepted referral list:

Note - Be careful when submitting your ID/username. Here's what you have to submit for each progtram:

If you know any other referring programs use the comment section to let me know about them. I will edit the post and add more as I find others.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Making money with Naturebucks (review/guide)

Naturebucks is probably the most famous GPT (get-paid-to) website. With an outstanding referral system, lots of earning bonuses and a lot of well-paid surveys, Naturebucks probably delivers the best GPT experience. But why specifically is it so famous? Let's break it down and see.

Available work - Unlike other GPT websites, you can do all the work you can right from day one, without waiting for credentials, qualifications and so forth. After you sign up, there are about 3 or 4 pages of surveys waiting for completion. The pay isn't extraordinary (you get between $0.10 and up to $1 per completed offer), but the payrate, overall, is very good compared to other GPT sites. I manage to get about $0.10 for every minute spent working on Naturebucks, without counting the referral revenue. After completion, most of those surveys have a cooldown period, meaning that you can retake them after a while.

What is more, Naturebucks offers PTC (paid-to-click) ads. The payment is standard, but it's a nice addition. If you click your ads every day you can rack up a few bucks every month without too much hassle.

Payment and bonuses: The minimum payout is set at only $0.05 (no mistake, only 5 cents), which is great, especially if you have doubts about the legitimacy of Naturebucks. You can cash out your earnings either to Paypal or your Amazon Gift Card balance (they accept, and, without paying any fees, of course.

Some of the offers you complete pay you in points, which is an alternate payment system. Every point is worth 1 cent. What's more interesting is that after each dollar you earn you get a bonus of 10 points; after you manage to get 200 points from your own earnings you can transform them into $1 - that is a 10% bonus of your coming from your own earnings!

Referral system: Naturebucks has a 5-level referral system. The best part is that you get 20% from every referral you have, no matter what their level is! So, practically, if you have 5 referrals, one for each elevel and they all earn $1 per day, that means you get $1 every day yourself, without counting any other earnings.

Conclusion: Naturebucks can be very proffitable even without any referrals. At first, when I had no referrals myself, I could make about $2 evey day in about 20 minutes, which is a good payrate. Consider that the referral system is great (20% of every referral is not very common among legit "get paid to" websites) and you can easily get a few friends to signup under you and you have the image of the best GPT option there is now on the "market".

For any questions use the comment section below.