Friday, August 31, 2012

CloudCrowd - Working in the "cloud"

CloudCrowd - Ref | Non-ref is an online work platform that has a few advantages over others, like CrowdSource or CrowdFlower. Unlike other "cloud" work platform, CloudCrowd provides quality work to the end-user because of its effective reviewing methods.

The "Credibility system": Like I said, CloudCrowd provides quality work results because it has a very good verification system. On a basic level, it is quite simple: everyone has a certain "credibility". If their work is accepted, their credibility rises, so they have access to much better work and/or other advantages. On the other hand, if their work quality is poor, their credibility decreases. The maximum credibility someone can have is 100. Whenever your credibility decreases under 25 your account is put on hold; if you continue to submit bad quality work, your account will be eventually suspended, so be careful.

Types of work - There are seven work categories: writing, editing, categorization, research, data entry, translation and other. Right after signing up anyone can do categorization or research work without any restrictions - it is actually pretty recommended to start with this kind of work.  After you have a decent level of credibility, you can move on to better paid work.

Writing credentials - What is more, if you're a writer or just want to try out some writing work, you have to pass a certain test, depending on the type of writing you want to do. For example, if you want to do marketing writing, you first have to prove your skills by writing a descriptive article on a certain product, and so on. They payrate for writers is very good, compared to the other types of work, starting from 3 cents per written work, up to 7 cents sometimes.

Referral system: This is one reason I said CloudCrowd is better than most other online work platforms - it allows referrals. They system has a 3-level referral program. Your commisions per referral are the following:

Payment: Your earnings will be automatically transferred to your PayPal account, without any fees and no matter if you earn $0.01 or $10. Here one of my payments:

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