Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Free referral pools

I've recently found two ways to get referrals only by submitting your nicknames/IDs:

Datsoup - You just have to sign up. Here's the full list of referral ID's they accept:

If you want to submit your referral link from a program that isn't on the list, you just have to go to Profile and click on "Create referral pool".

Refer-o-matic - Same thing as Datsoup. You submit your referral ID's and wait for the referrals to come. Don't expect to receive hundreds of thousands, but people will sign under you once in a while, which is fair enough given the fact that you don't do anything. Here's their accepted referral list:

Note - Be careful when submitting your ID/username. Here's what you have to submit for each progtram:

If you know any other referring programs use the comment section to let me know about them. I will edit the post and add more as I find others.

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