Sunday, August 26, 2012

Brief guide on money making - How I earn my beer money [PART I]

I will try to be as coherent as I can, so bear with me on this but, no matter what, I will be as honest with you as possible. Those below are the websites I use to earn my booze money:

MTurk - Probably everyone knows about it. It has something for everyone: if you want to do only surveys, you have enough of them to keep you working at least one hour every day. If you want to do data entry HITs, just go for it! Like I said, there’s plenty for everyone. However, you have to know how to find those HITs that are indeed worth turking for. My strategy? I knock out everything I can find on the HWTF section, then I search for anything that I’m qualified for and is over one dollar. After that, I search again for “survey” or “study” that pay not less than 25 cents. Bu doing this, I can easily earn about $100 each week with about two hours of turking each day. You can use your money either to buy Amazon gift cards or transfer them into your bank account. Easy-peasey.

Topline - Ref | Non-ref - This is the purest passive earner there is. The principle is this: you sign up, install their plugin for your browser and just continue surfing, as usual. This plugin replaces any ads with some of theirs and you get paid for it. Simple, huh? Vewy. They have a point-based system and for each website you visit that incorporates ads you get one point. For every 1000 points, you get $0.75. It may not sound as much, but given the fact that you do nothing is convincing enough, at least for me. Also, the minimum cashout is at $10, which can be achieved in about 2-3 months of surfing, without having any referrals. Also, for each referral you earn 5% of the points they earn. The money can be cashed out to PayPal.

NeoBux - Ref | Non-ref - A very intriguing PTC (Paid-to-Click) website. If you’re not familiar with the concept, what you have to do is click a given number of ads each day, for which you get a very small amount of money. Neobux offers you the possibility to rent referrals for a certain period of time, during which you get a sum of money based on how many clicks they have each day. Of course, there is the classical concept of direct referrals too, but, obviously, you don’t earn much from them, unless you get to have a large base of active referrals. Anyway, back to the rented referrals. This system gives you a lot of new opportunities, because you get to make decisions like recycling a certain referral if they have bad stats or adding more time to their renting period and so on. Also, for each ad you click you get three chances to the so-called “AdPrize” The prizes vary from points, cash or even Golden membership (which, believe me, is welcome anytime). Anyway, if you want to go deep I strongly recommend you their FAQ. The minimum cashout is $2, to PayPal, Payza or Neteller.

ClixSense - Ref | Non-ref - Another PTC website, but this one is not based that much on renting referrals. If you don't want to take your chances renting referrals that may or may not be productive, Clixsense is based on direct referral revenue and mini-tasks. More specifically, it incorporates the CrowdSource working platform, so you have work to do 24/7, even if the pay is not that good. If you get a decent number of direct referrals, you just have to click your ads every day (takes a few minutes) and that's it. Also, there are offers to complete, plus a nice mini-game called ClixGrid - very much like Neobux' AdPrize, if you're lucky you can win cash or points. You can then cash your money out to PayPal, Payza, Liberty Reserve or check. The minimum payrates can be found here.

Naturebucks - Ref | Non-ref - NatureBucks is a pretty straight-forward website. Here, you can complete various “offers”, which mostly consist of surveys or registering. You can even find a dedicated section to the best offers there are, here on reddit. Anyway, by completing those offers you earn either cash or points, which can be eventually transformed into cash too. The minimum withdraw is of only 5 cents to Paypal, or $1 for Amazon gift cards. Also, the 5-tier referral system is great if you can get a decent number of direct referrals, because you earn 20% from your level 1-5 referrals.

NatureGPT - Ref | Non-ref It’s pretty much like Naturebucks. You have a list of offers (mostly surveys) you can complete for either cash or points. Somehow, I even like this better than Naturebucks, because for each referral that earns at least $0.25 you get $1, bur only one time per referral, plus, of course 20% of what they earn next. You can then withdraw your cash to Paypal or use it to buy Amazon gift cards. The minimum payout is $2, which is decent enough in my opinion.

PaidViewpoint - Ref | Non-ref - Another survey site. Their surveys don’t pay very much, but you get about $1 only for completing you profile. After each survey you complete your so-called TraitScore also increases. How does this help you? After your TraitScore reaches a certain threshold, the amount of money you earn per each completed survey will increase. Don’t expect to earn hundreds of dollars every month, but if you complete a survey every now and then they will start pilling up. However, the minimum payout is of $25 to Paypal, which can be a bit disappointing for some of you.

Pollbuzzer - Ref | Non-ref- Very nice survey site. There are not any offers available, but you get a mail from them every now and then asking you to complete a short survey, worth $1. It does take just a few minutes, which is definitely worth the time, even if there’s not much to do. You can cash out your earnings to PayPal. Also, each time one of your referrals answers 4 of these polls you get one dollar.

CloudCrowd - Ref | Non-ref - It's a pretty good cloud working platform. You don't always find too much work to do, unless you do writing. But first things first. In order to do writing, you have to earn some credentials first, depending on what type of writing you want to do. I only applied for the marketing credential myself only once, and was rejected because I rushed through it and did a poor job, but I'm sure it's not that hard to get it. Also, they payrate for writers is decent enough, varying from 3 to 5 cents per written word, if your work is accepted. Furthermore, there is generally a lot of data entry work to do. You may find requests like "copy this and that into thegiven fields" and stuff like this. It isn't necessarily very well paid, but you can easily knock out a few bucks a day if you stick with it for, let's say, half an hour daily. If you're lucky, you may find some categorization work once in a while, which is easy and generally well-paid. There is no minimum payout; they will automatically transfer your earnings to your PayPal account every day.

Overall, I hope I’ve been helpful at least to some of you. Feel free to ask your questions if you have any. 

P.S.: I intend to make a post for each of those websites in the near future, detailing the whole "process", with tips&tricks, guides and much more.


  1. I value your knoweldge on these opportunities which has helped me to make a more informed decision in the future. Valuing your expertise, would you have a look at this site what category would this fall under? It doesn't cost anything to start and earn a miniscule amount monthly at the lowest level. By the 5th month one earns the inital start-up amount and make ~25% of that initial start up every month thereafter.

    1. Which of your beer money earning ventures would you place as your top 3 in terms of most rewarding? Is there anyone else who could add light to this topic? Which other opportunities have others found?

    2. If you're from the USA, definitely go for MTurk, Naturebucks and CloudCrowd. If you're from anywhere else, try CloudCrowd, Topline and Neobux, but it takes time to build referrals.

      Either way, I recommend the passive programs like Topline and i-Gagnant no matter where you live, because you earn something (not very much) by doing nothing. My two cents. :)