Sunday, September 2, 2012

NatureGPT Review - Make Money completing surveys

NatureGPT - The twin brother (as I like to call it) of Naturebucks, so if you've used Naturebucks in the past, you know the drill with this one. Obviously, this is a GPT site (get paid to), where you can complete surveys, click ads and refer people. But first things first:

Available work: There isn't a very large number of surveys available, but there are enough to keep you busi at least 15 minutes every day. The payment can vary, so I would recommend taking only those that pay over $0.20 or 20 points. Also, you can occasionally find paid-to-click ads.

Payment: When you've earned $2 (or 200 points) you can cash out to PayPal or buy an Amazon Gift Card. Without any referrals, you can reach $2 very quickly and without too much work.

Referral system: NatureGPT's referral system is quite interesting in my opinion, especially if you want to take advantage of your referrals right awy, without waiting entire weeks for them to cash out something. For every referral that earns $0.25 you earn $1, but only one time. After that, you continue to get 10% of their earnings. Like I said, if you manage to get, let's say, 30 semi-active referrals it is very proffitable on a short-term basis, but it can also be proffitable long-term speaking, because you continue to get that 10%, if they remain active. I know this doesn't match Naturebucks' 5-tier referral system, but it is great for a someone who wants a few quick bucks and can get a few friends to join him.

Personal experience: I've been a member of the NatureGPT community for less than one week now (a friend invited me) and I managed to get 9 referrals without too much hassle. In my opinion, this has a lot of unexploited potential, but it's still worth it.

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