Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Topline increases the point value but neglects non-USA users

If you don't know what Topline is, you can check out my guide here.

It seems like, a couple of days ago, the point value rised from $0.75/1000 ads to $1.00/1000 ads. However, people from outside the USA (including Canada and Australia) are no longer shown ads through Topline, therefore they can't earn anymore.

Here is the semi-official response to my email:

Thanks for contacting TopLine support.
Unfortunately, our current advertisers are seeking U.S. traffic only. This means that for the time being, we can only award TopLine points to U.S. users. We are, however, actively seeking advertisers in other parts of the world. Your region will regain the opportunity to gain points once advertising is available for that region.
We apologize for the inconvenience.

TopLine Team

TopLine Support
Please take a minute to help make TopLine even better!

This is sad news for some people. Many of them are complaining of how close they were to cash out. However, if you're from the USA, you have nothing to worry about - on the opposite!

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