Sunday, September 2, 2012

Making money with Naturebucks (review/guide)

Naturebucks is probably the most famous GPT (get-paid-to) website. With an outstanding referral system, lots of earning bonuses and a lot of well-paid surveys, Naturebucks probably delivers the best GPT experience. But why specifically is it so famous? Let's break it down and see.

Available work - Unlike other GPT websites, you can do all the work you can right from day one, without waiting for credentials, qualifications and so forth. After you sign up, there are about 3 or 4 pages of surveys waiting for completion. The pay isn't extraordinary (you get between $0.10 and up to $1 per completed offer), but the payrate, overall, is very good compared to other GPT sites. I manage to get about $0.10 for every minute spent working on Naturebucks, without counting the referral revenue. After completion, most of those surveys have a cooldown period, meaning that you can retake them after a while.

What is more, Naturebucks offers PTC (paid-to-click) ads. The payment is standard, but it's a nice addition. If you click your ads every day you can rack up a few bucks every month without too much hassle.

Payment and bonuses: The minimum payout is set at only $0.05 (no mistake, only 5 cents), which is great, especially if you have doubts about the legitimacy of Naturebucks. You can cash out your earnings either to Paypal or your Amazon Gift Card balance (they accept, and, without paying any fees, of course.

Some of the offers you complete pay you in points, which is an alternate payment system. Every point is worth 1 cent. What's more interesting is that after each dollar you earn you get a bonus of 10 points; after you manage to get 200 points from your own earnings you can transform them into $1 - that is a 10% bonus of your coming from your own earnings!

Referral system: Naturebucks has a 5-level referral system. The best part is that you get 20% from every referral you have, no matter what their level is! So, practically, if you have 5 referrals, one for each elevel and they all earn $1 per day, that means you get $1 every day yourself, without counting any other earnings.

Conclusion: Naturebucks can be very proffitable even without any referrals. At first, when I had no referrals myself, I could make about $2 evey day in about 20 minutes, which is a good payrate. Consider that the referral system is great (20% of every referral is not very common among legit "get paid to" websites) and you can easily get a few friends to signup under you and you have the image of the best GPT option there is now on the "market".

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  1. Salut, mi-am făcut cont şi am completat 5 surveys până acum. Le am la pending. Cam cât durează până se marchează ca fiind completate, iar banii intră în cont?

    1. Fie vorba între noi doi, NatureGPT și Naturebucks sunt neoficial doar pentru americani. Din România, chiar dacă vei putea să le completezi, la sfârșit îți vâră pe gât că nu ești de-al lor și nu acceptă rromâni, sau pur și simplu nu îți aprobă. Soz.

      În schimb, recomand cu toată căldura CloudCrowd. N-o fi mult de muncă (dacă nu scrii articole), dar e ok overall, mai ales comparabil cu altele de genul.

    2. Mhhhhhhhhhh. OK. Mersi. Hai că văd ce-i cu CloudCrowd. Deşi am senzaţia că mult mai uşor şi rentabil ar fi să te angajezi pur şi simplu undeva.

  2. you start off with like 25 cents , good tech support and instant paypal withdrawal NO minimum its like only 1 cent to withdraw

    Nature Bucks