Sunday, March 4, 2012

PTC for starters - Clixsense

When the Internet is over-over-over-crowded with thousands of cheap PTC websites, which either are scam or just ask you to invest more and more money in order to get a minimum profit, I stumbled upon a very promising PTC site, called Clixsense.

Why is this website so promising? Simple! Firstly, there are hundreds of positive reviews on the web, and none of them even remotely suggested that this website won't pay when you finally place a withdrawal request; what's more, the payment is instant. Secondly, you earn far more per single ad than you would in any other place. In a previous article I made a hazardous assumption, saying that Neobux is the best PTC website at this moment. Maybe I was wrong, maybe not. The truth is that both Clixsense and Neobux are very good PTC sites, yet so different through the features they offer.

As for the facts, I managed to earn over $12 (which was paid instantly after I placed the withdrawal request) with no more than 5 minutes of clicking a day. Also, there is a very nice feature called Clixgrid; its concept is very simple: an image is divided into squares. For each square you click there is an ad. For every successful view of an ad you get a chance to win between 10 cents to 5 dollars! From those $12 I earned, over half were from this minigame!

You don’t have to take my word for good. Signing up takes no more than 30-60seconds (very simple, yet secure sign-up process) and clicking your first ads takes between 1-2 minutes. The best part is that you can try the Clixgrid minigame as soon as you sign-up. Best of luck and happy clicking!

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